FQHC Client Testimonial

Ignacio Perez, CFO

Santa Cruz Community Health Centers/ CFO Healthcare Solutions


Ignacio Perez has been extensively involved with Federally Qualified Health Centers throughout his career.  

Ignacio is the former, long-time, CFO of Gardner Health Services in San Jose, CA and the current CFO for Santa Cruz Community Health Center in Santa Cruz, CA.  Ignacio also operates the consulting practice, CFO Healthcare Solutions where he has a focus on helping FQs with their expansion plans with a focus on long-term, financial sustainability.

Positions Filled

Centermark Placements has placed over 15 positions in close partnership with Ignacio across multiple Community Health Centers including:

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Director of Quality

Behavioral Health Providers (LCSWs & Psychologists)


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