A complete recruiting strategy includes targeted outreach to qualified candidates who are “happily employed” and “not looking”  as well as those who don’t yet know about your organization. 

It turns out that this group is not effectively targeted by most organizations yet represents over 90% of all possible candidates.  We target the entire candidate pool giving you more options to pick from in a shorter period of time.

When do you need us?

  • Unexpected resignation

    A key employee has unexpectedly resigned and you have an urgent need to find and recruit a like-type individual to fill their shoes.

  • Unwilling to sacrifice

    You understand the fact that 80% of the results in your organization are produced by 20% of the people. The success of your company's growth depends on hiring a few more outliers.

  • Limited supply of talent

    Your position has been posted online for >30 days and you're not impressed with the quality of applicants (or you haven't received any applicants).

  • Succession planning

    Your CFO plans on retiring in 3 years and you want to begin a process to handpick someone they can mentor. Your search isn't urgent and you want to be methodical in your recruiting approach.

  • Keep your team focused

    You don't want your hiring managers in the weeds hunting for candidates - you feel that it would be unproductive or impractical. You want to keep your team focused and hire professionals to take ownership of finding the right person.

  • Peace of mind

    You need the right person and are uncomfortable with the uncertainty leaving the important work of recruiting to chance.

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We’re flattered by the time our clients and candidates spend to share their stories.  Check out our library of 1-minute video testimonials to hear what people are saying about us.


The benefits of working with us

Hire Faster

Attract Top Talent

Increase Job Visibility

Save Time

Limit Opportunity Cost

Boost Reputation

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