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We take time to understand your company and answer important questions that enable us to hone in on 1) your definition of a successful hire and 2) what’s in it for the candidate if they join your team.  We know what’s important and package your opportunity in way that’s relevant to your target demographic. 

We have hundreds of conversations centered on what is interesting  and unique about your organization with an educational and consultative style.  Our approach creates goodwill, referrals, and positive impressions about your organization – even among those who are ultimately not interested or not ready to make a career change.

Candidate Testimonial

“This position was a perfect match for me. It was seamless, it was easy, and I felt like a complete VIP.”


Real-time feedback

So… You like the candidates we’re presenting… do they like you?

We study candidate feedback and bring clarity to trends that can help your organization with incremental improvements to your interview process.

We care about your brand

As you may have gathered from watching our video testimonials – we care about the quality of our work and the people we work for.  

You can have confidence that we are representing your brand accurately and professionally.

Reading the market for you

When we started hearing from candidates regarding negative feedback posted online, we investigated.

We found our client’s average rating on the popular company review site, Glassdoor, was based on only a handful of reviews.  Because the issue was spotted and brought to the attention of Human Resources, the company was able to take action on a plan to improve their overall rating.

The influx of 5-star reviews poured in and turned some bad press from disgruntled employees into a new recruiting tool. We use feedback from the market to help our clients create solutions for recruiting success.

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Boost Reputation

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