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The opportunity cost of not hiring someone great is the difference in the impact a more qualified candidate would have made.

The problem is, many organizations can run out of time when searching for the perfect candidate.  Ultimately, they’re forced to chose someone who is good enough rather than have the position go unfilled.

We give our clients more choices as we can draw from the entire candidate pool and not simply the active candidates who are seeking out your company or applying to job postings.

Customer Story

Centermark’s prescreening process has saved our hiring managers countless hours. They are confident that the candidates have been fully vetted and they’re not wasting their time.

The value of an

A-Players, the top 10 percent of talent available for a given position, produce as much as 8-10 times that of B-Players – the next 25% in the talent pool! (Brad Smart, Topgrading). 

Your recruiting strategy is leaving a lot on the table if you don’t have a plan of action that targets this key group.

Close the gap

As few as 5% of the qualified candidates you would want to hire can see and will respond to your specific job posting. So, a serious recruiting strategy must include targeted outreach.

We open up access to the entire market – going directly to qualified candidates, regardless of whether or not they are “looking”.  Interestingly enough, 95% of the candidates we place told us they were not looking.

There’s not always someone looking for a job when you have to make a hire.  We create interest on-demand and see the hire through to completion.

Hire Faster
Increase Job Visibility
Attract Top Candidates
Save Time
Boost Reputation

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