10-Step Process

We are committed to a thorough and successful interview process.  We manage all the details of your search from start to finish.


Needs Assessment

We assess your situation to find out what type of person you’re looking for and discuss a search process that would be in alignment with your vision


Develop Value Proposition

We develop a compelling value proposition that will resonate with your target demographic.  Why should your next hire quit their job and come work for you?   Our process will flesh out the answers to this important question.



We undertake an intensive information gathering process combining our proprietary and historical databases with up-to-date information sourced from social medial and the deep web.


Build the talent pool

We systematically and persistently reach out to targeted candidates using a combination of voice, text, email, social, and more, to present your opportunity.


Present qualified candidates

Using your requirements obtained in the first part of the process, we build out a complete profile taking into account strengths, weaknesses, and your goals for the position.  Standouts are interviewed as they surface or as part of a shortlist.



We set the stage with both client and candidate as far as the potential fit, mutual goals, potential areas of challenge, etc., with the goal of maximizing everyone’s valuable time.


Post-Interview Follow-up

We debrief with the candidate after each interview to get their feedback and test for fit.   This is an opportunity to move a great candidate forward or make adjustments to the candidate pool.


Reference Checks

We will contact references and capture detailed feedback to share with hiring managers and HR.  Or, we can simply pass along contact information for independent follow-up.



We manage the offer stage including any negotiations and follow the process on through to a successful hire.



We work with human resources to ensure the candidate has a seamless transition to your internal onboarding process.   Follow up is conducted with the candidate at key milestones to ensure satisfaction.

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