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When an important position remains vacant, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience for a hiring manager.   

We’ve got you covered.  Our average time to a signed offer is only 45-90 days depending on the position!

Customer Story

“Within 3 weeks from starting the search, Centermark presented quality candidates for us to choose from.  From our initial interview to on-boarding was less than 30 days!”


Tap into the "hidden job market"

Our research has shown that as few as 5% of qualified candidates will ever see your specific job ads and respond. 

Candidates look when they look.  Most of the time, they’re looking in some other place, or they’re not looking all.  As a result, the majority of the truly qualified candidates you want to attract are blind to your job postings!  

In contrast, a full 85% of qualified candidates are open to hearing about new opportunities presented through our firm!

Pre-screened candidates

To fill a position fast, it’s not just about locating, attracting, and interviewing great candidates; you need to avoid wasting time with candidates you can’t get to the finish line.

We take our candidates through an extensive vetting process to ensure you focus time effectively.  In addition to being highly qualified, we will present individuals who are:

  1. Excited about helping you accomplish your primary objectives for the hire
  2. Within your compensation range
  3. Fit with your unique company culture
  4. Motivated by something other than money
  5. Spouse and any other decision makers are onboard for the change

Personal Engagement

Though our firm is an avid user of today’s latest digital communication tools, we believe that technology is an enabler of personal communication – not a substitute.

We measure ourselves based on the amount of one-on-one interaction we have over the phone and in-person with candidates.

This personal engagement approach allows us to move through the market place with speed and agility.  We have more contact with more candidates and you get your position filled faster.

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