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Do the right people know you are hiring?

When there is an excess of candidate supply, advertising on job boards such as Indeed, Monster, etc. – can be an effective way to market your open positions.  However, the efficacy drops off exponentially when supply is low or the skill set is specialized or unique.  

Despite the perceived limited supply, there are still qualified candidates for you to hire.  They just don’t know you are hiring.    We get around issues of limited supply by marketing your position directly to hundreds of qualified candidates.

Customer Testimonial

Worked with another recruiting firm who had the position for over six months with no viable candidates in sight.  Despite a shortage of local talent, Centermark helped the organization hire a local candidate who has made a tremendous impact.


More local hires

Our clients’ positions are often highly specialized, executive-level, or require industry-specific experience.  We’ve found that there are often fewer than 50 qualified people within commuting distance — and sometimes less than 10.

Because many of these candidates will not respond to a traditional job ad, companies often end up resorting to importing a candidate from out of the area.  

Before you hire a qualified candidate from the other side of the country, have you turned over every stone in the local market?  

We work aggressively in situations of very limited supply to deliver top local talent while avoiding the cost to unnecessarily import an out-of-state candidate.

The right message

You can limit your jobs effective visibility by not properly framing the opportunity.   Have you noticed that most job postings are a list of roles and responsibilities and mention nothing about what’s in it for the candidate? 

As part of our process, we get to the heart of why your job and company will be attractive to your target audience.  We’re able to take an objective look at your opportunity in comparison to the market testing it to ensure we have the right messaging. 

We are experts at drawing out and synthesizing your value proposition in a way that resonates with those you want to recruit. 

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