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Vice President of Building Assessment Services – HUD

Our client is an international consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to commercial lenders, property owners, managers, tenants, and developers, institutions, government agencies, and insurers, including many Fortune 500 companies.

As the company continues to expand its services lines, an opportunity was spotted to move into the HUD market space. However, this is a highly competitive, niche market with established players. In order to break into this market space, it was incumbent upon leadership to tap into the domain knowledge of competitors.

Though the position was submitted to all the largest job boards as well as a robust internal recruitment team, over one year had passed with no qualified candidate in sight.

Due to the ultra-niche skillset required for this position, there were only about 20 people in the country who could do this job.  Guess what? Most of those 20 did not even know of our client and none of them knew they were positioned to enter the marketplace.

Without a strategic initiative to pull a candidate from a competitor, our client faced a slow, uphill climb and millions of dollars in lost opportunity.

Within one month of beginning the search, Centermark had strategically networked with all the top professionals in this niche market.  Referrals were solicited and presentations were made.

Within two months, the search was complete and a rockstar candidate was hired.  This individual brought over millions of dollars in domain knowledge and has now positioned our client to be one of the dominating forces in this space.

It was a win for the candidate to who went from being underappreciated to now having a significant executive-level position in a growing company.

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